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And with her, he never had anything to hide. He could not explain the side-effect to himself, but he had his theories. Perhaps the stories he cooked up needed the foil of truth to make them even more beautiful. Maybe his sleeping mind threw up the truth just so that it could gloat in the extent to which it had been able to create.

I mean, only because that is what I have let out about myself. Maybe if I explained beautifully enough, you would understand that is not who I am at all! I might be a secret agent in disguise, chasing an underworld kingpin who I know is living here, among you all. You can only try to discover who I really am. Not the boring old husband you already know everything about, but someone whom you actually know nothing about. A great outcast leader from a distant land, a runaway slave, a rich merchant whose ships have sunk, a bloodthirsty murderer, a treasure-hunter, a spy from an enemy country, a saviour, a hero, a villain, even a dead man who is now a ghost!

Do you see how many interesting possibilities good lying can open up? One morning Velu was again the only customer in the barber shop. Only his three friends were there and Velu had his head held high to let Sureshan clean away a three-day-old stubble. Thambi the orphan was sitting slumped on the floor among fallen hair, watching as the usual brown-eyed fly came and perched on the rim of a glass of tea. Thambi never drove it away. It looked up at him, winked, and began rubbing its hands together at the smell of the hot tea, getting all ready to dip into it. The boy inspected his dirty fingernails and considered biting them.

Suddenly hot tears sprung from his eyes and began flowing down, marking a line along his filthy cheeks. As Velu turned towards the orphan, the ancient salon chair strained and its ancient springs began to cackle.

See a Problem?

What is it? What happened? Everyone knew Thambi cried often.

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His boss, Madhavan Nair, the teashop owner, regularly beat him. Madhavan Nair had, in fact, hired Thambi and the dwarf, Rappai, because he could beat these helpless orphans whenever he felt like. It was just that he believed he could get the best out of his employees by beating them for their mistakes. Sniffing back mucus, Thambi turned his face to show his cheek where, through slates of caked dirt, there still was visible the blue mark of fingers. But through his sobs Thambi nodded in the negative. It was the same story as always.

Velu sighed and straightened his head. If anyone spoke to the teashop owner about the beatings, Thambi would lose his job, and it was common knowledge that no one in Karuthupuzha would give the dirty orphan work. He would starve. Thambi cried for some time longer. Even the little fly perched itself inquiringly on his shoulders. When he distributed tea to the police station, Thambi never got paid.

They roared that with the documentation he actually had on him, it might do him good to spend a few days behind bars, on a lone diet of punches and kicks doled out by the generous Paachu Yemaan who loved to put wayward orphans where they belonged. Velu knew no method of comforting a crying orphan, but he appeared intensely thoughtful that morning as he left his friends. For the next several days he was not quite himself; he was contemplative and Eeppachan Mothalali kept his eyes peeled to see if he made any mistakes while driving. Kamala found him mumbling to himself at times.

But then, she knew he was a very clever man and had seen him lost in thought before. She served him tea and homemade delicacies when he came back from work, and watched him silently as he ate. As days grew into weeks Sureshan and Poulose noted that Velu came to the barbershop less often, preferring to shave at home.

He particularly seemed to avoid Thambi. Once, as he had stepped into the shop, he noticed the orphan slumped on the floor and hurriedly left, mumbling something. After years of shaving his cheeks, trimming the hair on his head and nostrils, and snipping his eyebrows to size, he knew his friend better than Poulose and Thambi.

He knew Velu was disturbed, not angry. Indeed, Velu was upset. But then it was something he had never done in his life.

Admit It: You Love Backstabbing Liars (In Books)

On hot afternoons, when he waited for his master behind the wheel of the Ambassador, Velu played in his head his own proud words about the ethics of a great liar. How could he manipulate someone, even if it was to help another person? Then he would think of Thambi the orphan. The dirty one who had a pet fly for company.

Was he a small lad or a young man? He even wondered if Thambi was a eunuch, or maybe mildly retarded. Thambi who cried often so that people would take pity on him.

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That was only his survival tactic. Now, as Velu sat in the car, a beautiful new myth seemed to sprout in his mind effortlessly. But there was the quandary again. It would be for the first time … and even his wife, particularly his wife, should never know. Being never a very religious man, Velu could not put his quandary before God. Velu quickly got out and opened the back door for the Mothalali. He saw his boss make that face he did when he caught his employees slipping at work. It was the satisfied look of one who had caught a thief in the act. From here, far away, you could see the police station the size of a matchbox.

Kamala was talking excitedly to her mother about this and that, the long and short of which was simply that she and Velu were happy. Her mother contributed now and then with questions about whether they were saving enough and when they planned to have their first child.

The two men pretended to hear all this while munching on snacks and drinking tea, a satisfied smile set on their lips. After tea Sukumaran and Velu left the women to their bubbly mirth and wandered out into the fields for their more manly talk and to smoke countless beedis. It was a matter of pride for the constable when people saw him talking to his son-in-law and smoking with him. It seemed to tell onlookers what a fine choice of a husband he had made for his daughter. With a little remark here, a slight observation there, Velu took hold of the conversation gradually.

Then slowly, with the smoothness of a master artist, Velu slid in a new topic. Within minutes the old man did not even know when he had fallen silent and was only listening to Velu. Through the window the women proudly watched their men talk. Even from some distance Kamala could see Velu had started to speak and her father had now turned listener. It was a sight to behold. Set against the golden fields, Velu was like a character in a painting, his arms rising and falling, eyes rolling, and hair flying like tall grass.

The beedi burnt itself out in his hands. His expression went from one of amusement to wonder to awe to fear, then back to awe. Why, the old man seemed to have gone into some kind of a trance! In an instant Kamala knew her husband was lying, weaving his yarns as he went along, lying deeply and passionately and spontaneously to her father and manipulating him. She could not hear a word Velu spoke, but she could see this time he was creating something far greater than he had ever before. She could see it solved some problem that had been eating at him for days.

When they returned home from this visit, she never asked Velu about his exchange with his father-in-law. On other occasions this had been a ritual for her. She would tell him all about her trivial chatter with her mother, while he would recount his talk with her father. But not this time. Later that night Velu got down to dealing with the second part of his task, which was to stay awake.

He knew the moment he fell asleep, he would begin mumbling the truth. And his wife always woke up, no matter how deep her sleep, the moment he began his sleep-talk. When he felt sleepy, he slowly disengaged her arm, walked up to the window and lit a beedi. It would be a challenge to stay awake night after night — he did not know for how long. But this was necessary. He would be failing his friend the orphan if he fell asleep now. The next few days saw some subtle but surprising changes that sent whispers of mixed feelings across Karuthupuzha.

When Thambi brought tea into the police station, the policemen all but stood up.

The two constables outside stiffened to attention, the way they did when Inspector Paachu walked in. Paachu himself now looked at Thambi in a kind manner and sometimes asked him if he was well. Paachu also announced that it was to be reported directly to him if Thambi was ever harassed by anyone.

I used to intern with a wedding planner years ago, and I find a lot fun reading books about weddings and wedding planners and what they go through. Cassandra absolutely cracked me up with all her little white lies. This is a very humorous book with a lot of depth, and I think chick lit fans would enjoy this one! Dec 17, Books Mom rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-romance. As you follow the heroine through the story plot, you also follow her three friends, her family and ex-boyfriend.

You get to know them all so well that, as you read, it is as though you are watching a movie. The author's descriptive writing showed me everything so clearly. It is a delightful story and fun to read. I gulped it down in one long sitting it's not a short book -- but I couldn't put it down. The main theme is, of course, relationships.

Not only hers, but the others in the story. Her problem is that she lies constantly to make herself what she thinks the hero wants her to be.

Top 10 liars

I giggled and laughed as I read about her misadventures as she tried to get herself out of the dilemma she caused. The story is not as predictable as you might think, and so I had to keep reading to find out if she ended up with who I knew was Mr. I also wanted her friends to end up with their own Mr. You will have to read it to find out how it ended. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and hope the author releases something again soon. She made me a fan with this delightful tale.

Lots of fun. Wendy Chen's debut novel starts out a bit slow, taking two or three chapters to really get going. But once it does, you are in for a fun ride! As much as I loved the romantic aspect of this, Cass's choice between history and the hot new guy, I also loved how well we get to know her family and friends.

Her relationship with her mother is very realistic, as is the plotline that involves her younger sister and brother in law. One part I loved the most about this book though? The wedding planning aspect! Perhaps because I began my internet love affair with a wedding planning message board, but no matter what the reason? It was fun to watch several weddings and their planning! Was this book a bit predictable?

Was I frustrated with Cass and the fact that she lied about her job? But, in the end? It was a great ride and ending definitely left this open for a sequel! I look forward to reading more from Wendy Chen in the future! And if you are looking for a good, quick, fluffy read? Grab The Liar's Guide to true Love! Jan 30, Cleffairy Cleffairy rated it really liked it. Being a people pleaser is hard. This book is insightful, and a wondeful read. Pure delight if you enjoy good humour and a good love story. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I was not required to write a positive review for this book.

Dec 04, Alyssa rated it it was amazing. Not only was I in suspense over who she would choose, I enjoyed walking down memory lane with all of the NYC institutions that are a part of this book. I can't wait for the next book by this author. Apr 30, Kaeley Scruggs rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , marginalized-voices , clean-romance. If you're looking for a very chaste romance that focuses heavily on the daily life of a woman, this is for you. Chen has an unmistakable voice, that sounds casual, but also sophisticated and lovely while exuding confidence.

I liked spending a lot of time with Cassandra and found Nick absolutely adorable. Sometimes Cass came off as detached, almost we were being told how she felt instead of showing it. But I haven't read such a long romance in a while and it was amazing to see the MC spend so muc If you're looking for a very chaste romance that focuses heavily on the daily life of a woman, this is for you. But I haven't read such a long romance in a while and it was amazing to see the MC spend so much time with friends and family.

I have a distinct idea of at least side characters are in the story, and there usually isn't that many. Definitely super fun and really engaging. Nov 30, Hsiau Wei rated it liked it Shelves: books-read-in My Blog: www. And at the same time, Kevin, her ex contacted her. Being a normal girl, she goes with the flow of seeing both of them. And as anticipated, the lies caught up. Nick found out her profession and walk out of their relationship.

Liars - This American Life

And now, it is up to Cass to mend their relationship. The book c My Blog: www.

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  • The book contained many story of bridezilla and groomzillas which i have fun reading and the author have relayed the message brilliantly. I can even relate some of the story to my real experience in handling my own wedding ; Off all the characters in the book, i dislikes Kevin's character.

    He was in and out of scene but i couldnt tell what he want from Cass.. View 1 comment. I loved the title, the idea of this story, and Cass. I loved that it felt like she was sharing a dirty little secret with me by telling me about her life. The problem, even with all the things that I loved, was that I had to stuggle to get through it. Whatever I am reading has to catch my attention and hold it right off the bat, or most times I want even waste the time to finish it. I have so many books that I want to read that if within the first few pages or first few chapters I am not totally I loved the title, the idea of this story, and Cass.

    I have so many books that I want to read that if within the first few pages or first few chapters I am not totally involved I give up. That is how I felt trying to read this book, I had to make myself get through and I hate that feeling like I am struggling to comprehend. It's not for me, but someone else may thing otherwise. Jun 27, Stephanie Haefner rated it liked it Shelves: , chick-lit. I liked this book. I was immediately drawn in because I used to work in the wedding industry as a floral designer and wedding planner. I enjoyed reliving the parts of my ex-career that I loved.

    The main character seemed to change and learn form her mistakes. But the book almost felt half novel, half wedding planning guide. Seemed as if some of it could have been toned back. And it seemed as if there was a lot of product and brand nam I liked this book. And it seemed as if there was a lot of product and brand name mentions, plus many mentions of restaurants and stores etc in NYC, and as someone who doesn't live there, I didn't really get those references.

    And I'm not sure, but did we ever find out what the ex wanted with her??? Nov 18, Tracy rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley. This book started off a little slow to me. Took me a while to get interested in it. But when I did it was good. It threw me off the ending Didn't expect that! Holly Morris rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Christine rated it liked it Jul 27, Becky R. D rated it really liked it Nov 14, Fabulous Book Fiend rated it it was amazing Mar 05, Samantha March rated it it was amazing Jun 28, Emily Erdmann rated it it was ok Mar 10, Tracy Ruehl Stypa rated it liked it Feb 04, TheAgileReader rated it liked it Nov 16, Laura Chapman rated it really liked it Mar 22, Ashleigh rated it it was amazing Jan 02, Sandy James rated it really liked it Feb 02, Tracy rated it really liked it Feb 27, Ruth rated it liked it Dec 25, CJ rated it really liked it Feb 24, Kathy rated it really liked it Nov 13, GJ added it Oct 20, Mariana Bezerra added it Oct 31, Juliana Philippa marked it as to-read Nov 02, Lindsay Paige marked it as to-read Nov 04, Anita marked it as to-read Nov 09, Kara Parks marked it as to-read Nov 10, Splage added it Nov 13, Roxanne marked it as to-read Nov 18, Karina marked it as to-read Nov 28, Stace marked it as to-read Nov 29, Shh I'm reading!

    Natalie Aaron marked it as to-read Dec 18, Amy marked it as to-read Dec 21, Angel marked it as to-read Dec 22, Tracie Banister marked it as to-read Dec 23, Meredith Schorr marked it as to-read Dec 24, Michelle marked it as to-read Dec 24, Ashley marked it as to-read Dec 30, Ogoi Jecinter marked it as to-read Jan 10,