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Let yourself grieve!

Over time, if you're not releasing your emotions, they get repressed and can start to impact you physically, not ideal. Not in my book. When we are growing, looking back on the past can be more disturbing and produces additional opportunities to let go some more. It can be frustrating I thought I was over this! After 11 months of zero contact with my ex, I felt the need to reconnect.

How to Heal a Broken Heart

There are many mags out there that would say this was crazy or unnecessary. For me, I needed to see him again. You betcha! By doing so, I create more space for the next dude who meets me where I am in my evolutionary process to walk through the door. Set your intentions for the future. Get clear on what you want from the next guy. What you might be saying now: My ex-boyfriend was emotionally unavailable and drank all the time instead of dealing with his emotions.

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Intention: I am with a guy who has the self-awareness and perseverance to work on himself. He is open to energy, consciousness and meditation.

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The bottom line, ladies, is that breaking up and letting go is an ongoing process, but I hope these tactics help you find ease wherever you are in your journey. Give me a shout here and let me know which one of these tactics resonated with you, or other ways you're finding ease in your process of letting go! Want to know if you should you go Keto? Ready to kickstart your health journey?

How to Heal a Broken Heart

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  • Love in a Time of Broken Heart.
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    The Journey of a Broken Heart by Sherrie Cox

    Love in a Time of Broken Heart answers these questions and more. In a time of fractured relationships and emotional isolation, loving another person can bring us to inner wholeness, and this book is about how we go about achieving this Inner Marriage, and what happens to us when love breaks down.

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    • How to Heal a Broken Heart – Gabriel Gonsalves.
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    • Considering love as both a human and divine passion, the author explores how our love relationships reflect our inner drive to wholeness, and how a love wound is a sacred initiation with opportunities for soul growth. Explaining the connection between our early life experiences and our patterns in love relationships, and addressing with great compassion the emotional turmoil resulting from relationship breakdown, Love in a Time of Broken Heart-Healing From Within charts the inner journey to healing and wholeness after heartbreak.

      Through deep psychological and spiritual explorations of the inner and outer dynamics of adult love relationships, this book outlines what it means to be human and to seek love.