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If you are constantly having migraines, muscle pain or lack of concentration, it means your body needs to re-energize. If you have accumulated stress or moodiness from trading, take some time off to relax. The unpredictable business of foreign exchange can make anyone anxious. If you feel stressed or nervous in every trade session, your body is giving a warning that it cannot handle the worries running through your mind.

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Anxiety can cause restlessness, panic attacks or palpitations. The best thing to do is to work out an effective trading system that you can be confident with.

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It can give you structure and reduce any nervous feelings during a trade. According to National Sleep Foundation , the causes of insomnia stem from psychological conditions, bad sleep habits or certain substances. When forex trading, lack of sleep is a sign too much activity during time of rest.

You might be thinking about market conditions or feeling overstimulated from the day. Other factors also include irregular hours of work, excessive caffeine or nicotine. Even watching television before bedtime also affects sleep. With the pace of forex trading, it is easy to set aside good health and push the body to overwork. Once you begin to frequently get sick, your body is telling you to slow down and take better care of the immune system.

You might not be drinking enough water. Too much stress and not getting enough sleep are also common triggers that put your body at risk. Negative thoughts come from anxiety or trauma. When you are always going through bad feelings, it means that your mental health is weakening and needs uplifting. Emotional trauma from forex trading can sometimes have more impact than having a successful trade. Large monetary losses or continuous forex losses are one of the biggest upsets when trading and can easily cause a distressing experience. Although it is natural to think negatively, uninterrupted pessimism can be harmful for your mental well-being and your career.

The Trader's state of Mind. Forex Trading psychology | Money Making Forex Tools

With most of the work done on the computer, the likelihood of strained eyes is high in a trading career. When you are a full time trader, working more than 12 hours daily on the computer will eventually result to eye related stress. Untreated eye stress can lead to blurred eyesight, headaches and slow refocusing. First, visit your eye doctor and talk about your situation. When your body wants more caffeine, it is letting you know that your natural sources of energy are not enough. Once you hit your daily caffeine limit and you are still craving, it means that your body is looking for natural energy.

You can get this from an energy boosting diet, proper sleep and daily exercise. Since coffee or caffeine can be very helpful when trading, it is important to balance energy from stimulants. By paying attention to how your body is reacting to forex trading, you are ensuring better livelihood and good health out of the business. Visit your doctor and get yourself checked for peace of mind. The next thing to do is to take action on any health issue you may have and monitor improvements.

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With erratic schedules and risky trades, a healthy lifestyle is key to high-level performance. The best way to cope with the physical or emotional stress is to manage and observe your health everyday. Tags: forex forex trader forex trader's health trader's health. Risk Warning: Trading Forex and Derivatives carries a high level of risk to your capital and you should only trade with money you can afford to lose.

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Click To Tweet Correct decision making or proper analyzing are not possible when the mind is not in good shape. How can you tell if you are healthy?

Are you drinking more coffee than water? Trading is not a type of gambling, but there is a thin line between sound, high-frequency trading and addictive behaviour.

Why Your Health Is Important When Trading Forex

Day traders are usually associated with sensation-seeking motives rather than instrumental ones. Increased automotive trading can often lead to increased risk-taking behaviour. This has become a psychological phenomenon, where traders face cognitive distortions like selective memory, impaired rationalisation and gambler fallacy, according to a study published on Science Direct. With the advent of electronic trade systems, traders across the world can be in-tune with global market developments and execute trades in seconds, with just a click.

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However, constantly analysing charts and looking for price reversals takes a toll on the eyes. Blue light, emanating from computer screens and mobile devices, can affect eyesight and lead to problems like migraine and nausea. It leads to age-related macular degeneration in the long-run. Dry eyes, fatigue, sore eyes and irritation are other symptoms of declining eye-health. Cataracts are also becoming highly prevalent among younger people.

Sitting in one place for long periods of time has proven to be a significant health concern in recent years. For starters, lower back pain and muscle strain occur frequently. It also paves the way for increased weight gain. Obesity singlehandedly attracts various diseases. Researchers have found a significant relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and certain types of cancer, such as lung, endometrial and colon cancer, according to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

An alarming fact that came across from the report is that even people who are otherwise involved in intense physical workouts are still at risk if they spend long hours sitting. The trading profession is stressful, and that stress alone can cause irreparable damage to the body and brain.

The importance of stress-busting activities cannot be overemphasised here. Traders should engage in a minute exercise routine every day to stay fit.

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This can include anything from a brisk walk to jogging or even strength training. Regular exercise keep our weight under control, releases endorphins in the body that help fight the negative effects of cortisol and increases blood circulation. Stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga are also good for managing anxiety issues. Alongside a good fitness regime, it is important to ensure a healthy diet and not skip on meals.

No matter how tight the schedule is, a well-balanced diet is necessary to staying in top form. All traders should make it a habit to take breaks on weekends, when the markets are closed. It is important to unwind and keep mental stability intact. Hobbies, and anything that falls outside the domain of the financial world, are a great way to de-stress. Weekends should be devoted to friends and families and other leisure activities.

Regular check-ups become necessary after the age of This should be considered a crucial exercise, especially for those with a genetic pre-disposition towards certain illnesses. Proactive healthcare can save many lives and expensive treatments. Even on the most hectic days, it is vital to take short breaks at regular intervals. This lowers eye-strain and gives the muscles a chance to stretch and get adequate blood supply. It is always wise to listen to the body.