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It is true that since its origin, music holds a dominant place in the creations of George Lucas, interacting with the images and calling to support the action. The spectator is still in breath Also, the cinema-concert of October 19th will be an exceptional appointment during which the original soundtrack transfigure the film.

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This captivating score, performed live, makes the full projection of the unique film work of its kind for the many music and cinema lovers! Buy Tickets.

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Send Message. The opportunity to gather generations to live together the magical emotions of Disney inhanced by the virtuosity of the musicians of the philharmonic orchestra of Strasbourg.

The end of the year is the perfect time to fall back into childhood and share with small and large moments of exception where beauty is no longer age. The film will be screened in Ultra HD on a giant screen of 20 m. Sublimated by the orchestra orchestra of Strasbourg, the soundtrack of the Disney Masterpiece will be played live by the talented musicians of the orchestra orchestra. The flagship titles as eternal history, it's the party or still beautiful. One more enchantment for the little ones and the big ones! A story of inner beauty. Beautiful, young woman in the big heart and independent sacrifice to save her father.

The last one is held captive, sentenced to death for picking a rose in the field of a terrible jailer: the beast. Against any expectation, the "Monster" leaves life saves to beautiful and allows it to live a luxurious life though captive in its castle-prison. She sees that, behind the traits of the animal, suffers a man victim of a spell.

Summoned Skull

Would it be enough to forget about the love she wears to her father? Beauty doesn't always hide beautiful traits, it takes several forms and hides sometimes where we least wait for it The film, released in , is inspired by the eponymous tale of Jeanne-Marie Leprince of Beaumont, published in and adapted since several times in the cinema.

An emotion to no other like live music: this movie-concert is a nice way to re Discover the fantastic animated film of Disney Studios, awarded by two Oscars in Alan Menken obtained the one of the " best music " and, with Howard Ashman, of the " best song ", the original soundtrack marries with elegance and poetry a tale that all know. A suivre en direct!

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Fin de parcours pour les autres tricolores. Vous avez entre 20 et 35 ans? Une belle initiative. Coline Aumard, chez les femmes, tentera de l'imiter.

Il affrontera Paul Coll en quart. Compte-rendu des matchs. Si Victor Crouin est grandissime favori pour conserver son titre, la lutte semble beaucoup plus ouverte chez les filles. Les classements PSA d'octobre sont sortis.

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