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Highly recommended.

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Excellent pop-up book with great paper engineering, lovely bright pictures with tons of detail and clever rhymes. Only seven double pages, so not too tiring to read over and over again and my toddler just loves it. Fantastic value for money.

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I didn't think this book would be that good for the money but my son has had hours and hours of fun and enjoyment from this book! Well worth getting. I got this book, not expecting much as the price was so cheap and it is the best pop-up book I have ever seen.

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Meanwhile, Tom is strolling along the docks and sees the ruckus on the ship and goes to investigate. Afterwards, Redbeard tells Tom that the ship is his while Redbeard is ashore at a Pirate convention. Tom's job is to feed Matey a cracker whenever Matey wants one.

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Tom makes Jerry walk the plank and then heads to have some food. While Tom is eating, Matey keeps asking for a cracker all the time preventing Tom from eating and starting to annoy him.

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Jerry shows up to steal a ham but Matey warns Tom. Jerry eludes Tom and runs away and as Tom is about to give chase Matey demands a cracker.

Tom, angry, puts a lid on the parrot and hits the lid repeatedly like a bell to jar the parrot and then runs off to find Jerry. Matey still under the lid asks for a cracker, which Jerry gives him and Matey warns Jerry that the cat is coming. Tom sees that crackers are a bribe to the bird, stuffs a bunch in Matey's mouth when Matey asks for more crackers.