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My Skin. I feel hated I see the faces Of the people who hate me The people with a darker complexion than me Asians, Mexicans, African Americans Not all but some The list goes on and on. Love Like Me. The day I met him, he had my heart. Then everytime I saw him it was like it was going to beat out of my chest. I don't mean sex. Breaking free. Behind a shadow. What is wise. What is wise in this world twisted in concept What is wise when knowledge leads to destruction What is wise when our lessons become our undoing These questions I seek diligently for answers.

A Runaway. Facing Reality. The Woeful Man. And it was then were in the cavern of insolence where he was kept All that was deemed unfit and of akin to detriment on the male spectrum As channeled into his being. The ritual left him full of woe and without reason. First and Last Love. Let the Past Circle the Drain. Words wash over everything. Any armor you pretend to have falls into a useless state. Water seeps into any chinks, crevices, cracks. You yell, hoping it will stop the flood; hope it'll plug the holes. I, a young woman today , realized my flaws. I H I D E under a persona that is not me.

As I look into the mirror As I look into mirror, I see a girl but not just any girl-- a mix girl. The colors of black and white. As I look into the mirror, I see the past of my peoples. Just One More. Crimson substance fills the cup One is one and never enough With every wound A new opening. Rhythm of Your Sadness. I watched you fall, limbs and sins Sitting there watching all the pain you soaked in Dancing on your heart, laughing at your words,. Fitting In. Well what does that mean? There are many meanings. To relate just wonder, but don't blunder. You want to be part of a group Have friends to relate too.

My friend, she was a drug addict. Living with the trauma. For Once. I don't make friends easily, I don't put makeup on my clear face, I don't have a sexual drive. In teen words. I am pretty much a fail. I assume I don't belong. To be honest, everyone's so similar and. Nature Talks. Lullabies sung in the wind,. Art Class. Why do we need to do what the teacher tells us to draw?

Aslong as I put effort and make an art like creation, I should get an A in art. Fuck it man, do it. Swag OD. I can't see it come down my eyes, so i got to make this song cry. Fuck comb-overs. Fuck yellow grass. A Woman's Worth. Is it a baker? Is it a maid? Is it a sewing machine? Is it a toy? Im walking and its HOT thoughts driipping off me as if im swimming in them I feel kinda okay my self esteem is not low so dont ask about a sale of clarence Im wating for her to call me in.

The Ugly Stage. I sit near the window frame Staring at my own shame Nothing is the same Am I really all to blame Or is this really just some game My emotions are set aflame This isn't some ballgame. Late Night Scribbles. Maybe I used to be good looking once. What the heck are women? Love Lines Closure. Fall in love More like, fell in love Reminding myself of what a brother once was A stand up dude, doing humble deeds for nothing in return, 'til I met my main squeeze My first mistake was to not sieze lead. It Burns You Up.

Here we come, a busy people trotting to and fro. In fact, I say, neither would they. The Collision. Maybe she liked the pain,. Maybe she liked the pain, Hell, maybe she loved the pain. Or maybe she just misses the pain. Because you see, it's a different kind of pain. You Are One of Us. The chaos, the frustrations It all seeps from your pores like an infection How can something so positive become negative within an instant?

You crush and demolish As though you are a dump truck. Leave Your Mark. Everyone eventually leaves this tangible place called earth. No matter how one feels about themself, they will impact someone. How do you know if you've impacted a person? She longs to be different, Because her greatest fear is that she could be her. Flesh and blood that created her and brought her to life is the same thing that has haunted her.

How can one destroy such innocence? When my wings got seared off by the sun, when i free fell, saw the ashes of my hopes and dreams gently floating after me, I thought I was done, that the ocean would end my agony. Listen to the sound drowned by noise. It's Called Love. The same brain, body and gender. Wearing pink dresses and high-heels. As usual Speak, shout, they must know It happened behind a closed door. All the reasons I shouldn't write poetry. Self Portrait. Who am I supposed to be and what am I supposed to do?

No friends, no point. School doesn't mean anything to me. What a waste of time Gifted but Unborn. I am the "unborn" I wonder if I will ever see light. I wonder if I will ever see the face of my mom and dad. I wonder if they will like me. I am the "unborn". To Her:. Keep this one dear to your heart Cause this ain't a car that you gotta pushstart Now in the beginning God made man No doubt in my my mind that God had a plan A couple seconds later out came Eve.

We are the forgotten, We are the one's hidding behind our image. We are te ones who aren't seen, We are another number of another statistic. What would you describe faith to be? I see faith to be something unseen, It's like walking blindfolded,. Believe Me Now. One more breath, taking it in. No holding back as I reach for your hand. Money Washed. You cant see me now.

But eventually you will. I only have a couple years here. Lurking alone in the shadows on a mission not to make it. True Beauty. Icy hands of Hope, Frigid blissful voice of Love,. Casket of Inhibition. The Essence of Me. A growing voice inside my head; the essence of me.

You were my only nightmare, yet the only person I wanted to see. I could not wait to meet you, for I never have before. How can you not tell when someone is crying out to you As if they don't give you any clues; When you are known for happiness but filled with sadness When you're trying to figure out this world through all this madness. From negative to positive. Growing up is scary, at least a little in all of our eyes. Melting Words. A snowflake is all we are.

We form, we fall, we dance, we soar,. Is it there? Did you make it up? How long did it last? A day, a week, a month? Six months, a full year? Last Day. The last day when I had to leave and you had to stay. This Is The End. People say I'm beautiful. The War Raging On. The burning under my skin, a fire clawing out of my body. I hear the tortured souls cry as they are slowly burned. The demons hide in the shadows, waiting for me to sleep. The moment I close my eyes,.

The Red Rose. This red rose has turned black and it won't turn back, Hard as the stone that was carried on the cave mans back, Cold as the night that shoots its vicious snow, Shooting through my heart like bullets,. The Wall. I threw my first intentional punch at this wall. With all my might. Letting all the frustration the anger I had built up for months because of you.

With all a blow I sprained my finger and gained a new best friend. A Voice that Leaves No Headache. Isn't That Just Fortunate. Well Isn't that fortunate? The Uneven Exchange. I have yet to see His face. I've loved. I've loved and lost. But it's better to love then lost, rather than not loving at all. Better to fall, and call for help rather than not try. This woman told me that she would rather date a blind guy than to date me Then I asked what does that mean And she told me Because he would be blind which means he can't see and I would know that he loves me.

I'm really going to fucking - Answer Goddamit! Keep On Part 1. Age ten bullied, called fat and ugly growing up feeling like being handsome is the only way to make friends being the clown of the clasroom, but sweet when i hit send. Am i missleading or am I deceptive, i'm sly like a fox, curious as cat, stong as an ox and stubborn like a mule.

He knows the importance of vertical strokes. And to plant a garden,. I Hope You Hear Me. Roses on Christmas. Writing isn't Writing. Proud American. America land of the free. Where I'm From. I'm from a green swing set, with Barbies and American Girl and fashion. I am from the sunny, quiet house, and all the trees I can picture, and I'm from the big house on the beach. Long OverDo. Hear me! When I cry out to you, do you not hear the words I let out with. Welcome to the 21st Century. A memory drifts about in my mind.

Speak Your Mind Slam

A girl of twelve, sitting in the church pews,. Take Me Home. U Who. What Will Your "You" Do? Broken Woman. For the Small-Minded. You cannot simply tell me to get over someone I love. It's not something that can be stopped all at once. That's like telling the earth to stop revolving the sun. You Da Realist Like a Realist.

A Schism Of Past Memories. Before you choose to read this, let me give you a disclosure,. Part of Me. How Much They Weigh. Long stiff fingers on delicate hands Soft pursed lips and a determined chin Dust in the wind mixed with the scent of fresh bailed hay. I do not live a life of luxury, I do not lavish in gold, I do not have memories I just fantasize about the stories untold. I would love to smile, I would love to sing,. The Inescapable Truth of a Hellish World.

I live in my bubble.

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Clear walls, roof, and floor. Clean world and clean life. A nice place to live forevermore. A clear home so I can see every danger from on top. As time passes You finish all of your classes The good memories lasted But you're happiness crashes And you wonder why You sit down and cry Relieve your stress with a sigh But the pain remains.

Lay Me Down. As the day drags on I sit and reminisce the good times And ponder why you had to go Nothing is the same I stutter everytime I hear your name It hurts me to see your family in pain We all miss you. Dear Dad. I wake But I do not feel awaken Your love has gone And it has depressed my soul So when I wake and your not there I am woke but not awaken Once upon a time your presence Your love. Year Eight. You lodged bullets of attraction.

Are We Free. Are we a free people, a free country, with a truthful servicing of liberty and justice for all? In the 3in by 2in. In the 3in by 2in picture. Lust is a Satisfying Sin. Sleep,A deep land,filled with a rejuvenating waveWith each wave being more restful than the last,As the waves crash into the soire that is the unconscience,The mind rides the waves spinning tales upon tales ,.

I live in this broad bubble that I all a life. But i know thats not right. I have become so scared of failing thatg I no longer try. Dulled passion just trying to get by. Maybe if more people knew. Dare Gravity. To the Hungry Girls. Unrequited Love. The brain waves in my mind are like an ocean during a tsunami Big and ceaseless, powerful. Neurons connecting too fast Mind racing Heart speeding Sweaty palms Too many connections. Psychoanalyze Me. I am not the only one in the White Room. Sheer fabric whispers from the windows Goblet in hand, I drink to the Grecian lady White dress, raven ringlets frame the face Of porcelain A laugh escapes.

It is fearful to think about where I will be. Murmurs of Me. Flowing melodies have encapsulated my heart since birth. The Puppeteer That Stole Her. This is for the women with the broken bones With the shattered heart and tattered clothes This is for the women with silent voices Who made tough choices that were seen as pointless.

Undying Fantasy. But then, in a moment, A quiet word is said A small gesture, sure. My heart beats every second. A Memory. A memory. As Glass Shatters. Hear that? It's the sound of blaring red sirens, Innocence shattered on the cold marble ground. Two bombs were dropped that day. The one in the building: Seventeen injured Two dead. Sit still and look at the Speckles of dust … drifting down… Wandering through the … air Like your thoughts of the future Unbeknownst.

Wander further and you ponder, About many things unanswerable. The Family Meeting. Why do I let the things that crush my soul Bruise my demeanor, my attitude, my outlook on life? Is it because my mind, a vast space filled with dreams of love and adventure, Hope and happiness, splendor and joy,. Do I have to be broken? It seems these days the only way to be considered for anything is to be a battered, broken, shell of a person.

Ticking Time. It just keeps ticking. Do I let it pass me by. November Walks. Whispering winds sounded through the cool night Shivering, trembling, she quickened her pace. Not sure why, the still shadow gave her fright Unknown to her, the shadow had a face. When a Tree Falls. If a tree falls in the forest. A Need For Change. City Girl Creature. Poison Ivy. The first time I picked up a pen to write - to write with purpose, searing intent stored in my mind - I was liberated, overjoyed!

I was to let ring the deepest thoughts I could find:. Don't You Remember? Don't you remember all the good times we had As kids, Just the two of us against the world? I certainly do. I'm the one who remembers everything, Remember? I still do. A Different Show. You want to know what makes me tick?

What makes me feel like giving up just a bit? It's the Republicans and Democrats, strong as can be, Giving no space for other possibilities. Leaving for College. The one that takes the knowlege. The one who carried on. The wish of going to college, Is the fear that brings a dawn. I look upon others For the help to bring hope, But what of the mothers.

All boys create despair,. Do Not Cry My Friend. Do not cry my friend. The story of life was not meant to be perfect. Life after death? Well; no. More like death after life. There is no shortage of strife. It isn't exactly where I wanted to go. I admit, I ended my life early. What will You do? I am different but the same as you, We both have two eyes, one mouth, and one nose, Our features may be a little different, But what is the difference?

You have blood rushing through your veins,. People Say. A Letter to You. Present Tense. I was Trapped in a tumultuous turmoil of trepidation and insecurity, a tourniquet of timidity restricting any temeritous thoughts from flowing forth to fruition; in a word, overwhelmed. I was. Setting My Reality. Allow treasured ruins to turn your treasures to ruins. With the unceasing tick of time, your life is now your own, Creation and exploration of your own mind, making possible fun of your youth; yet, maturity of being grown.

A Person Of Courage. A person of courage Could be a firefighter, a doctor Someone who upholds justice. But I found a person of courage in someone else. A bit more.. It Shouldn't Be So Hard. Proving to myself. Sidewalk Education. Right and wrong. Right and wrong, criminal and justice I have never understood where these ideals of right and wrong begin. When they are a result of societal norms and when they are a result of simple though and humanity.

The Builders.

The Tale of Leopold's Quest for Friendship

MLA format is cruel to the trees. Those pale promises of untouched space on the backs of papers. Fairy Decadence. I stared into the fire and found that I had become my shadow, slithering through castles young and old, who thunder about the earth in titan glory, while morphing my bones—to click and burn—aligning with yours. Heartless Lover. My name is Ed,. Glory Days. I noticed you were a bit sad so I wrote this to cheer you up. The Secret. I have a secret And when I tell it Hot will turn cold And my world will explode And I'll be left in the middle of nowhere.

I have a secret And when I tell it Friendships will end. Chaos Cranium. I have a whole world contained in my head. Not the whole world, but my world instead. Collected in a memory bank of nostalgia and song lyrics and the actual song if I hear it. When you told me To grow up, I thought you meant, "Kill your heart. Dutifully, plugged the tears until I suffocated. Are you proud of me? The Epidemic. There is a growing city Upon which the red creeps, A place that is full of People in the streets.

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    The great point about UGG boots is that they let you the choice to have on them with a skirt, gown or with jeanstrousers and they still look quite fashionable. There is a great peace of mind and sense of emotional reward in knowing who designed your ri…. Having a weak control system would certainly not bring the positive results that are sought. The have a reservoir in the bottom that makes them rather tall. Can you adjust speed, see the distance walked, the time taken?

    Is this data credible? In general…. Are they competitive or reasonable? For one, you surely would like to avail of the services of utility companies that are offering good rates which correspond to quality serv…. Its delivery is made on time. Every time a person likes your….

    Kizer passed for 2, yards and 21 touchdowns, ran for 10 TDs and threw 10 interceptions. You may have to proceed as far as getting special hotel door lock systems to helpimprove peace of mind in the hotel. Buying less guaranteed security systems i…. Kizer, a sophomore, was so good it almost makes you forget that the junior Zaire was a clear No.

    There are certain sym…. If you for example you need the services of heavy machines, they will provide both machines and operators. Enquire if they are a part of any professional association. Henry has said he has no plans to redshirt. I bear in mind these days, college gets out, you devote the entire initial who….

    Sports nutrition is most definitely a worldwide concept now. I bear in mind these days, college gets out, you devote the entire initial whole week or two sleeping, lounging around the house, playing video games, possibly shooting some hoop. The issues o…. Whether you are hiring Tischbohrwerk or purchasing, you need to consider its advantages. If they display an eagerness to work with you on your needs, then they understand that you might have different needs than other customers. As we are heading to th…. Sports can become very stressful on the body, even more so if it is not backed up with right nutrition.

    The Drying PartFor top results, it is important to hang the pictures to dry inside a safe, dark, dust free area. With the current ad campaig…. A couple of freshmen will get a look, too. By considering these things, you can be assured of good quality service that can last for a long time.

    Basically, you have two options: you can either ask them to put together by a professional online resources its own studio, alternatively you can develop them at your home. That is why getting the best brains here is important. Number of View In toda…. It will easily and quickly straighten your penis.

    To avoid this, make sure you improve on the security of your hotel business. There is a great peace of mind and sense…. The worldwide prevalence of sports nutrition also creates more vigilance in terms of sustaining efforts which have started already. Better PricesAlternative designs by their nature are more varied, meaning they are less likely to bear the massive price…. Installation of Signs:Once the design and manufacturing phase is done with, the signs company will determine the accurate spot where the signs shall be placed.

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